This is the collection if you simply want us to do a session, and deliver the full resolution digital files. All of the images will be edited, and ready to be printed.

You will be given the rights to the images, and your welcome to print them, share them, and distribute them to friends and family.

The session takes about 2-3 hours, and we can provide a mix of both an urban setting & something out in nature. Our high school seniors generally bring 2-3 different outfit changes.

You will receive approximately 100 images from this session 3 weeks after we do the shoot.





REGAN 2017

REGAN 2017


This collection includes everything from collection one, a nice package of prints, and something nice for you to hang on your walls. We’ll include a $300 budget that will go towards ordering prints.

We’ll also setup a time to go through the pictures, and put an order together to ensure the best results.

Included is the talents of a professional makeup artist. Nothing helps the session more than having a pro give you that extra boost of confidence, while doing makeup that truly enhances the photographs.




Included is all of the contents of collection one and two, with the addition of a beautiful album to share the photographs. These albums have truly become our clients favorite things from the sessions.


We will also do two sessions, or do the session up to 120 miles from the Cedar Rapids area. When you add a second session, the diversity and feel of the photos can feel entirely different. We’ve done these spanning different seasons, and it gives them the opportunity to have a wide assortment of outfits.

In addition the the album, we’ll consult with you to help create something beautiful to display at their graduation party. We’ve seen people do nice framed prints set on an easel, or a print with a wide border to gather signatures from the guests.